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MNP, how to port your number to another mobile operator in India?

by gseth on 21st January, 2011 in Operator News

By now, you must have seen the ads and the marketing campaigns each operator is doing to retain and get customers to port their numbers. Number portability is officially launched with various operators in India.

Being an Airtel customer for over 6 years,  I have never received a "Thank you for being with Airtel" message from the operator, suddenly I am getting sms's by my operator showing their appreciation for me being a customer with them. Only shows their desperation to deal with the competition especially now when the competition is finally starting to choke them down their throats. Frustrating as it is, everyone is still waiting for the promised 3G services which were supposed to be launched in December end.

The industry now is purely serviced based, being a customer, you now have a choice to dump your operator and select the one who gives you better services.

So for all those who are frustrated with their operators, follow the process below and change your operator:

  1. Send a message as PORT NUMBER to 1900 (toll free) from your mobile phone
  2. You will receive a UPC Code (unique porting code) from your service provider.
  3. Go to the nearest customer service center you want to shift to, fill a detailed form. Provide your address and photo proof. They will give you a new empty sim.
  4. Within 24 -48 hrs your new empty sim will be activated with your old number and a fee of Rs. 19 will be charged for the same.

Some notes on Mobile Number Portability:

  • Your cell number will be switched off for 1-2 hours. All bills after that, are paid to your new service provider. You will need to stick around with them for atleast 90 days before you can shift again. Similarly, if you have a new connection, you need to wait for 90 days before you can shift.
  • You will need to pay your postpaid bills before starting the porting process.
  • Post paid customers will also need to sign an undertaking stating that they will pay all dues during the period of last bill and till the service is moved to the new service provider.
  • You can shift from a GSM service to CDMA or vice versa
  • You cannot shift from one circle to another. If you do, roaming charges will be applied.
  • For a prepaid number, carry forward of any balance to the new service provider is not permitted and will be lost.
  • If you have extra services, like caller tune, gprs/edge, conferencing, voice mail and others, then these services will be lost and needs to be setup fresh again.

There are offers for MNP made by each operator. Have a looked at this complete guide to MNP offers in India.

Also you can find out more by calling the customer care numbers:

  • Aircel - 9802098020
  • Airtel -18001031111
  • BSNL-18001801503
  • IDEA MNP Helpline: 1800-270-0000
  • MTNL Mumbai-1800221503
  • TATA Docomo MNP Helpline: 1800-266-0000
  • Vodafone MNP Helpline: 1800-1234567

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