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iPad to launch in India very soon, BSNL reveal 3G data plans for it

by gseth on 27th January, 2011 in Operator News, Apple

iPad was launched last year around early-mid 2010 in the United States (April 3rd 2010) and some 20 other countries. It has taken over 10 months for it to come in India, I am not sure who would buy the iPad, now when the iPad 2 is on the verge of release in those countries. My suggestion would be to hold off purchasing any iPads in India. If you need a tablet, go in for a Samsung Galaxy Tab or any other Android Tablet available in the market.

Apples support for product launches is absolutely ridiculous in India. As an ever growing and emerging market, consumers do not appreciate products being "dumped" at them. A 1-2 month(s) delay is still acceptable, but releasing a soon to be dated product is ridiculous. Excuses of bureaucracy and other crap like duty, government issues are not required. I personally got my Galaxy Tab from Samsung officially at the local Tata Croma Store on November 11th, 2010, even before it was launched in the United States. So why wasn't the issue for Samsung here.

Apple need to up their game for such markets if they want their products to actually sell.

Anyways if you are still interested BSNL have revealed their 3G data plans for the iPad, with or without a contract.

For more details visit BSNL More info as and when there is an official announcement of the launch.

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