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BlackBerry users in Bangalore get your phone serviced for free till February 14th

by gseth on 6th February, 2011 in Blackberry

Vodafone and RIM have opened up service camps in select Vodafone stores across Bangalore. All BlackBerry users can get they phones serviced for free, irrespective with what operator you are currently with. The service camps will be held at selected Vodafone Stores in Indiranagar, Koramangala, Church Street, Jayanagar and Whitefield between 11 AM to 8 PM till February 14th 2011.

Besides the free servicing there are a host of other activities. In association with Radio Indigo, there is a contest going on where listeners will get the opportunity to win free BlackBerry phones by answering simple questions on the Radio. If you are looking to upgrade your BlackBerry handset, you can avail discounts by exchanging your old BlackBerry phone. These service camps are also upgrading your phone software to the latest version and even changing the faulty trackballs of your old handset. You will also be able to download some free apps for your phone at these camps.

If you live in Bangalore and are using a BlackBerry phone, we suggest you have a visit to one of these camps on or before February 14th, 2011.

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