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10 minamilistic themes for your Android, Nokia and Sony Ericsson Phones

by gseth on 10th February, 2012 in Featured Downloads

Ever wanted a very clean and simple look. These chosen themes are just that. They are minamilistic in type having a simple, clean but yet elegant look and feel.

Classic Blue by Noahdcruz for Nokia Asha 200, 201, C3, X2-01: http://eseth.net/themes/6166/classic-blue-mobile-theme


Illuminated by hopeless19 for Sony Ericsson Featured Phones: http://eseth.net/themes/6048/illuminated-mobile-theme

Glossy Wood by OfficialLegacy for Nokia Asha 300, 303 and compatible phones: http://eseth.net/themes/6024/glossy-wood-clock-mobile-theme


Sparkle Galaxy by maxrock89 for Nokia C5, C6, X6, 5800 Xpress music and compatible phones: http://eseth.net/themes/5985/sparkle-galaxy-mobile-theme


Metal green by udjo42 for Nokia Asha 200, 201, C3, X2-01: http://eseth.net/themes/5961/metal-green-mobile-theme



Android Black by gseth for all Android Phones with Go Launcher Ex app: http://eseth.net/themes/5818/android-black-mobile-theme


Okians Dark for BlackBerry Curve phones: http://eseth.net/themes/5790/okians-dark-mobile-theme


Foliage by arjun_arora for Nokia C5, C6, X6, 5800 Xpress music and compatible phones: http://eseth.net/themes/5639/foliage-mobile-theme



Nevermind II by philippehagen for Sony Ericsson feature phones: http://eseth.net/themes/5620/nevermind-ii-mobile-theme


Solid by Joelke for Sony Ericsosn features phones: http://eseth.net/themes/5239/solid-mobile-theme

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