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How to zipalign Go Launcher apk files

by gseth on 27th February, 2012 in Android Tutorials

Zipalign is basically a tool found in the Android SDK which optimizes your apk file so that it takes up less ram. All my themes for Go Launcher EX are zip aligned so that they use the least ram when installed and in use. To quote from Android dev guide:

"zipalign is an archive alignment tool that provides important optimization to Android application (.apk) files. The purpose is to ensure that all uncompressed data starts with a particular alignment relative to the start of the file. Specifically, it causes all uncompressed data within the .apk, such as images or raw files, to be aligned on 4-byte boundaries. This allows all portions to be accessed directly with mmap() even if they contain binary data with alignment restrictions. The benefit is a reduction in the amount of RAM consumed when running the application."

How to zipalign your Go Launcher EX apk theme file?

After your .apk file is generated follow these simple steps:

- Copy and Paste your file on the PC desktop (not necessary, desktop is easier to define the path)

- Click Start and in search type cmd and open up cmd command prompt

- Type cd and then press enter

- Browse to the path of your Android SDK installation folder by typing the following:

  • For 64 bit Windows: cd program files (x86)/android/android-sdk/tools and then enter
  • For 32 bit Windows: cd program files/android/android-sdk/tools and then enter

- To zip align the basic command is: zipalign -f -v 4 "old apk location" "new apk location" and then press enter

  • Example, on my 64 bit windows when saving the apk to the desktop I input this command line: zipalign -f -v 4 "userspcname/desktop/old.apk" "userspcname/desktop/new zipaligned.apk" (replace userspc name with your windows user name)

If you are getting some sort of errors, the most probable reason is the path of the apk is not defined properly. I cannot provide a fix and definative code as it depends from PC to PC and OS to OS. The path on a Windows XP would differ from Windows 7.

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