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eWhite Icon Pack for Android

by gseth on 16th August, 2012 in Android Icon Packs

The eWhite Icon pack for Android contains about 400+ App Icons. This is one of the first icon packs I have ever made. As the name suggest they are simple, mimimalistic and pure white. They however have a light gradient and shadow on them. These icons are design to represent the apps correctly and accurately. They are shaped from the original app design. Some of the apps designs however are custom made as it is not alwasy possible to have the original app logo.

eWhite Icon Pack Preview for Android

These icons are 85 pixels by 85 pixels in resolution and they look good even on HD 1080p displays. The eWhite icons are designed to go on any dark textured or gradient backgrounds. They however even look good on dark colored gradient backgrounds. As long as the background is dark they go very well.


Download the eWhite Icon Pack for Android:

Go Launcher / Action Launcher Pro / Holo Launcher Plus: Download eWhite Icon Pack - Android Black Theme

Apex Launcher / Nova Launcher / ADW Launcher: Download eWhite Icon Pack -  Droid in Black Theme


eWhite Icon Pack Updates: Last Update: May 10, 2013 | Total icons: 400+ | Current Version: 10.0


Updated to v10.0
- Supports all Galaxy S4 default icons
- Now contains over 400+ total custom app icons
- Added Field Runners 2, Osmos, Farm Frenzy, Samsung Watchon, Samsung S Translator, Samsung Story Album, Samsung S Health, Samsung Hub, Samsung Link, Samsung Optical Reader, My Backup Pro, Samsung Help, Samsung Group Play, We Chat, Swype, PUK, Tentacle Wars, NFS Most Wanted, Devils Attorney, Angry Birds Friends and Air Attack HD app icons
Updated to v9.2
- Added Google Keep Icon
Updated to v9.0
- Added 12 new app icons: Google Settings, PLay Books, Any.Do, Rebtel, TripAdvisor, SPG, Magzter, Samsung Group Cast, Samsung paper Artist, Linksys Smart WiFi, Teamviewer and My Moto Speak
Updated to v8.0
- Added Icons for WiFi File Transfer App
- Fixed iSyncr app id
Updated to v7.7
- Fixed app id for Stick Cricket Super Sixes and Wordfeud
Updated to v7.5
- Fixed app id for Fancy, Jelly Bean Google Voice Search, Galaxy S3 Help Hub
Updated to v7.2
- Added 2 new icons to the icon pack: NFC Task Launcher and Go Backup Pro
- Fixed Angry Birds Seasons and Space App Icon
Updated to v7.0
- Added 17 new icons to the icon pack including Bad Piggies, Instapaper, Google Calendar, Archie Comics, Sky Drive, My Xbox, Norton Securities and Utilities, Smart Tools, etc
- Added an icon back for default icons
Updated to v6.3
- Fixed DC Comics app code to recognize the custom icon correctly
Updated to v6.2
- Fixed Slice It icon app id
- Added Beejive, Pinterest, Nova Launcher, Minimalistic Text, HDFC Bank and Apex Launcher app Icons
Updated to v6.0
- Added 300 new eWhite v2 Icons which are now high resolution, crispy and sharp
Updated to v5.0:
- Added new app icons: ChatOn, Double Twist, AirSync, Pocket, S-Suggest , Zomato, NDTV
- Fixed app ids some of apps


Installation Instructions

Installation of any icon pack required Home Replacement (Launcher) apps. These launcher apps replaces your homescreens. You can check out a tutorial on how to install and apply icon packs on your android device. 

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