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How to change themes, wallpapers and ringtones on the Samsung Galaxy S4

by gseth on 10th May, 2013 in Android Tutorials

This blog post basically will outline the basic steps on how you can easily customize your Samsung Galaxy S4 at various levels. The S4 has a beautiful screen and is backed up with a powerful hardware. With 2 GB of ram you can easily use third party launchers and customize every inch of your s4 as per your own taste. 


Signing up for a Free Account on eSeth

First and foremost you need a Free Account on eSeth

While signing up select the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Octa Core Version) or the Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 (Quad Core Version) as your Phone.

After you sign up for a free account, check your email for an Activation link. Click the link and it will verify your email account and activate it on eSeth.


Verifying your Registered Email and Activating your Account

Login into the website. Immediately you are taken to the Downloads screen. Here you can see content for your selected Samsung Galaxy S4. The content is divided into three categories: Themes, Wallpapers and Ringtones.


How do I download and apply themes for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Changing themes on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a bit more complicated than just changing wallpapers and ringtones. However eSeth makes is very simple.

You can download any one of the launchers, Go or Apex, and then download skins made for this launchers and apply. These skins would change the wallpaper, the launcher elements, colors, graphics, fonts and even icons. You can read the following indept tutorials on how to download launchers and install / apply respective themes on them

How to Install Go Launcher and compatible themes

How to Install Apex Launcher and compatible themes


Ok, I have installed a specific launcher but how do I know if the theme app I am downloading is compatible with it?

After login on to eSeth when you browse for themes, on the gallery pages, you can see some logo marking next to the thumbnails as highlighted in green in the image below:

These give you a quick overview if the theme is Compatible with Apex Launcher, Go Launcher, Go Locker, ADW Launcher or any other launcher.

Once you go inside a specific content page, It will clearly state again for which Launcher is the content compatible with:


eSeth is still a Third Party! Is it safe to download Android apps from eSeth?

eSeth is into providing mobile customizations from 2005, even before Android was developed. Only qualified and trusted developers are allowed to publish launcher apps on the website. Our apps contain only skins for the launchers and are tested. You will not find any malware or privacy violation of any sort. eSeth adheres to the highest standards and is interested in providing free quality spamfree content for its users. We however listen to our users and if you discover any content adhering to spam or malware you can always contact us for removal from our site.


How do I download Icon Packs for my Galaxy S4?

Like the themes, installing icon packs also requires third party launchers. You can browse for Android Icon Packs and follow instruction given in the respective blog post on how to install them. Most of the Icon Packs are mostly compatible with Nova, Apex, Go Launchers.


How do I stay updated for new Galaxy S4 themes and Icon Packs added on eSeth?

After you login on the right hand panel you can see a manage subscription panel. You can subscribe / unsubscribe to the relevant updates from this panel. As and when new content is added you will receive an email newsletter. The news letter will be sent to your registered email id on eSeth.


How do I download and change wallpapers on the Samsung Galaxy S4?

eSeth supports scrollable and non scrollable wallpapers. On the touch wiz ui of Samsung you can only apply non scrollable wallpaper. After your browse and download wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy S4, follow these steps to just change the wallpaper:

  • Long Press anywhere on the Standby
  • Tap on Set Wallpaper - Home Screen Wallpaper - Gallery
  • Browse and select the wallapper you downloaded from eSeth and transfered to your device
  • Tap on Done


How do I download and change the ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy S4?

eSeth supports mp3 ringtones for your Samsung Galaxy S4. After your browse and download ringtones follow these steps to set the mp3 ringtone:

  • Go to settings - My Device Tab - Sound
  • Under Ringtones and Notifications Tap on Ringtones - Add (at bottom)
  • Select Sound Picker (if there is a popup, otherwise ignore this step)
  • Browse and select  the downloaded ringtone and tap ok


I Still have question on customizing my Samsung Galaxy S4?

If you still have questions or are facing some issues feel free to contact us.

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