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5 High Definition Themes for HTC One X

by gseth on 4th April, 2012 in Featured Downloads
The HTC One X is a very high end expensive Android device with state of the art hardware and is the flag ship model for HTC this year. It is powered by a Quad Core nVidia Tegra 3 1.5 Ghz Processor with a ULP GeForce GPU. With its beautiful 720x1280 screen you can enjoy some high definition themes ...
5 High Definition Themes for HTC One X
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How to zipalign Go Launcher apk files

by gseth on 27th February, 2012 in Android Tutorials
Zipalign is basically a tool found in the Android SDK which optimizes your apk file so that it takes up less ram. All my themes for Go Launcher EX are zip aligned so that they use the least ram when installed and in use. To quote from Android dev guide: "zipalign is an archive alignment ...
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