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 Vending Machine Theme for Go Launcher EX

Vending Machine
Theme Preview

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View all phones compatible with Vending Machine Theme. This theme is compatible with Android devices and tablets only. Go Launcher EX app should be installed on your Android device before downloading and installing this theme. See Tutorial on how to install Launcher apps and the theme.

by mindseed
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Change log []:
Version 1.8 - Theme adjustments, added menu background, added icons, fixed music icon
Version 1.7 - Image optimisation
Version 1.0 - initial release

Get the tastiest snacks and candies in the palm of your hand with your own portable Android Vending Machine Theme.
No need for coins as everything is free.

* It includes over 30 customised app icons (and counting)
* 2 choices of wallpaper - 4x4 home icon grid and a 5x5 home icon grid. (Menu - Wallpaper - Go Wallpaper)
* Space for widgets without breaking the theme
* For best results and greatest effect I'd suggest the 5x5 icon home grid setup. (Menu - Preferences - Screen Settings - Grid Size)
* Also- In Preferences - Screen Settings - untick the "Normal/ Portrait" checkbox under "home homescreen transition") this will stop the wallpaper sliding around so your snacks fit in perfectly
* You should also set your app drawer to 5X5 icon grid for the best results. (Menu - Preferences - App Drawer Settings - Grid Size)
This is my first of hopefully many GoLauncher Themes.
That's it... I hope you enjoy using it - drop me a line if there is anything you have problems with. Please rate it if you like it. Thank you

Oh yeah! The widgets in the screenshots are:
* "Digital Clock Widget" by Maize, free in the market (fits in real nice with the vending machine - resize the widget to suit you.
* The fantastic GoDevTeam created the Taskmanager 1x1 Widget
* Both available for free on the market
and just to re-iterate...
To Install this Theme YOU MUST have the GoLauncher Ex home replacement application that can be found in the Google Android Market.

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Creative Commons LicenseSome rights reserved. Android Vending Machine Theme for GoLauncher Theme by mindseed is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 South Africa.

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