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 Angry Birds Blue Theme for Go Launcher EX

Angry Birds Blue
Theme Preview

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View all phones compatible with Angry Birds Blue Theme. This theme is compatible with Android devices and tablets only. Go Launcher EX app should be installed on your Android device before downloading and installing this theme. See Tutorial on how to install Launcher apps and the theme.

by gseth
Android Themer - Offline
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Change log []:
Updated to v1.5:

- Supports move to sd card (after installation go to settings - applications - manage applications - tap on Android Black by eSeth.net - Tap on move to sd card
- Fixed icon for Tango app
- Supports Multi Resolution Wallpapers for low and high end Android Phones

Second of the five Angry Birds series themes. Each theme will feature a different bird and color.

Get the Angry Birds Red theme: [Link]
Get the Angry Birds Yellow theme: [Link]
Get the Angry Birds Green theme: [Link]

The wallpaper is made and designed by me. The Theme uses updated eWhite Icons with approximately 250 app icons.

Instructions on how to apply theme:

1. Download the latest Go Launcher Ex app (free) from the Android Market
2. Go to Go Launcher EX (pressing the home button) - Menu - Themes
3. Choose and apply theme

Instructions on how to move theme to sd card:

1. Install theme (by default it goes in phone memory)go to settings - applications - manage applications - tap on Android Black by eSeth.net - Tap on move to sd card
2. Go to settings - applications - manage applications - tap on Angry Birds Yellow by eSeth.net - Tap on move to sd card

Icons Size Settings:

These icons work best when the icon size is set to default size in go launcher ex preferences. To check and set your icon size to default:

1. Press Menu
2. Go to Preferences - Visual Settings - Icons
3. Tap Icon Size - Select Default Size.

App Drawer Settings:

1. Click Menu Preferences
2. Go to App Drawer Settings - App Drawer Scrolling Orientation - Vertical Continuous

Get the eWhite Icon Pack:

If you are an Android Themer and would like to use the eWhite icon pack for your themes, have a look at this thread: [Link]

NOTE: Theme has some legal copyrights reserved. See the license information on the right if you are going to share this theme on other sites / blog.

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Creative Commons LicenseSome rights reserved. Angry Birds Blue Theme by gseth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.

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